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Personal baggage handling services and office supplies

TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD we are a professional home and office moving service provider.

Deciding to move luggage or room supplies from one place to another, from one country to another, comes with a lot of work that you need to collect. However, with us, the customer can be completely assured, we are the trusted companion, will arrange all replacement customers. The packaging and logistics staff of TL LOGISTICS. Co., LTD  will help you to transfer your personal office or personal baggage to Vietnam or from Vietnam to go to the country more simply and completely. The office user, luggage staff will be packing The following standard of each category with materials such as soft, foam, nylon, carton sheet, carton box, wooden box … We will take care Care carefully each individual during the close package as desired by the customer.

TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD, with many years of experience in the logistics logistics industry, is ready to assist clients with customs related matters relating to personal luggage in order to ensure the goods are available. Import and export regulations of the country.