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Custom Broker

When import and export formalities are designated to TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD, customers can rest assured since  after years of service, our staff has always been present at custom gates all over the country to complete proceedings, following the philosophy of   safety, convenience and efficiency.

Currently  TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD is greatly trusted by a number of export and import entrepreneurs throughout the country for our fast and accurate support in classifying and categorizing merchandises (ABC analysis) as well as providing them with practical and dependable solutions.


Beneath is the list of our experiences with customers so far :

– For investors importing equipment, with the goal of assuring safety and delivery in time, TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD will support the customer to comply all custom vouchers for  advantageous  tax policy.

– For business owners, high quality at low cost a is one of the biggest concern. With that acknowledge, TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD is always ready to deliver consultation service to offer optimal solutions at the lowest cost to meet customers’ demand and expectation.

– For textile companies, manufacturers and exporters, TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD  support the client in declaration of  custom vouchers, C/O application, liquidation of imported material, and declaration of import taxes.

TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD also has strong experience with complex goods.

– With TL LOGISTICS CO., LTD, goods  delivered right to your door will be there at the right time, and at correct and accurate condition.